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Beneath The Pavement, Beach!

Beneath The Pavement, Beach!

We can all agree that Los Angeles is finally getting its creative dues, correct? Good. The idea is spreading and there is becoming a sense of hometown pride born out of a creative restlessness: it needs to be known that we’re doing worthwhile things in LA! There are tons of great examples of this now and, to add to the list, we have JIMMYnADI’s Beneath The Pavement, Beach!, a photography and video installation from earlier this year that celebrates what we’re doing.

The work is from filmmaker Jimmy Marble (who we found via Stephanie Gonot) and Adi Goodrich (who was featured nearly a year ago). The two’s work as JIMMYnADI was a project that sought to illustrate the creative atmosphere in Los Angeles. The first manifestation of this is a series of photos where they cast their friends, collaborators, and artists in bright, upbeat clothing and poses inspired by the May 68 protests in France. The photographs are very antithetical of May 68 as they represent a creative unrest. As the duo say in their statement, “these interventions in the photographs further remove the historical grounding and symbolism, flattening the image space, and highlighting the emotion, intelligence and fervor of the current creative youth of Los Angeles.” Yes, exactly that, yes.

The other portion of the piece is a “dream documentary” about LA entitled Beneath The Pavement, Beach! (above). The video is a nearly six minute meditation on what makes Los Angeles. You have some beach and some Downtown and some buildings and this and that–those are just what’s on the surface. With a light soundtrack by Ryder Bach, you eventually start to notice the decay of the commonly associated imagery of Los Angeles and–through clever usage of green screen–you get to see the creative juices of the city waving from under the streets and behind walls. The video addresses the same issue the photos do but in a way that is very ~*~CaLiFoRnIa DrEaMiN~*~ way.

The show was shared at Chicago’s Document Gallery in April, ironic as we don’t think it’s been shared yet in LA. For more on the work, check out more photos on Jimmy’s website and check out Jimmy and Adi to learn more about the artists.

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