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Cop Dad

Cop Dad

We’re so bad (SO BAD) at checking our mail. Every other month or so we’ll check our mailbox and be greeted by lots of goodies from locals that we will try to remember to share but will eventually forget and then remember and then forget, etc., etc., etc. It’s a terrible cycle and we’re (always) working on making it better. One great things we got was a zine dedicated to “exceptional personal experience”: Cop Dad. What a fantastic zine to get in the mail!

The zine comes from local artist Justin Jorgensen and is a very literary zine intended to highlight creative non-fiction. It weaves stories and interesting interviews together very easily, all of which are engaging and easy reads that vary in length (the zine is seventy something pages long). There’s a peek into the teenage diary of filmmaker GJ Echternkamp and even a really great, fairly NSFW LA hookup story written by Justin himself and antithetically illustrated by Ian O’Phelan. They are diverse slices of life that Jorgensen has made both exciting, strange, and appealing. Much like the idea of having a cop for a dad and the ensuing weird relationship, the zine spills with intrigue.

Cop Dad

And that’s the point. It’s an excellent look at modern people and what makes them, in their own words and–sometimes–with visual sides. Jorgensen sums up the zine’s intension best in his From The Editor:

My dad wasn’t a cop, and I’m neither a cop, nor a dad. But I imagine having a cop as a dad would be either the best thing or the worst thing, depending on the circumstances. Either way, everything about a cop dad seems the opposite of boring. And cops just want the facts right? Same here. I don’t plan to feature fiction, poetry, commentary, or critique. I just want to hear what happened. Beacuse most of us are more interesting than we pretend to be.

Cop Dad is a great read. We stil haven’t gotten through the whole thing but it’s a great local zine that is making a small batch literary something. It’s fun and approachable and we’re anxious for the next issue. We’ll also gladly pass it along to friends. You can pick up the zine here (it costs whatever price you want–we recommend five to ten dollars) or swing by LACMA or Skylight locally as they stock it. Give them a follow on Twitter here (but not here).

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