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dublab’s Light From Los Angeles


Get this: LA music collective dublab is turning thirteen. They’re going to have a big celebration Saturday and will also be releasing a pretty rad audio/video happening in October: Light From Los Angeles. The fifteen track compilation pairs progressive and buzzed about local musicians with video persons and other musicians to make a unique listening/viewing hybrid.

They’re covering a lot of ground in this effort: you have Suzanne Kraft and Brogan Bentley teaming up, Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson doing a song together, and contributions from other artists like Dntel, ESP, Lucky Dragons, and more. It’s a remarkable line-up of people across this mellow electronic landscape in Los Angeles. All of the artists have made responses to Los Angeles musically (some with clever titles like “KCRW Supporters” and “Beautiful Venice Day”) and accompanying videos shot on Digital Harinezumi (?!?!). The videos are going to be released “under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial copyright license,” making the films accessible and available to be repurposed and reused by locals and beyond. It’s a super fascinating (and exciting) moment in Los Angeles music and video.

We still have some time for the release of the compilation as it doesn’t come out until October 23. However, videos are going to be released in advance of the date. The first one? Nite Jewel and Julia Holter’s collaboration “What We See,” directed by Delaney Bishop and Jose Wolff (who is a frequent collaborator of the two musicians that we wrote about here). The video is a glowing, blurred LA nature study with both artists singing praises to the trees and grass and flowers, what they see in Los Angeles (which are too beautiful to describe, as they mention). The song is head swaying twinkle with a video shot in an overly lush fake green space probably in Mount Washington or Elysian Park, secretly existing within our city.

Take a look at the video below and we’ll be sharing more as Light From Los Angeles releases find their way onto the internet. You can also party with dublab Saturday at Freak City, which will include sets and performances by Teebs, Suzanne Kraft, Daedelus, Friends of Friends, and more.

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