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l.a.Eyeworks Directed By Molly Schiot

l.a.Eyeworks Directed By Molly Schiot

Since we’ve already shared one video something from an LAIY cover girl, why not share another? This one is equally as fabulous, too: Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynold’s l.a.Eyeworks have gotten some really rad, artsy, somewhat abstract commercials by artist/filmmaker Molly Schiot. They are fantastic celebrations of a Los Angeles brand by a Los Angeles filmmaker with Los Angeles music and tons of Los Angeles eye candy.

There are three films, each of which take a pair of l.a.E glasses and use them as a vehicle to share how we Angelenos see the world and how the brand sees the world. You have a Bleached desert loving video, a The Babies (the only non-LA act shared) giving a theme for the ocean, and a Dum Dum Girls sight seeing tour of Los Angeles’ landmarks. The videos are so easy and wonderful: Molly did a fantastic job with a very simple concept to showcase so many different things. They are absolutely wonderful and totally now. We’re sure this will bring in lots of new eyes on the Melrose institution and–ugh–now we want all these sunglasses (YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH IN LA!!).

You can catch the the videos below and, if we see any others, we’ll be sure to follow up. Like the Iko Iko commercial we shared last week, we’re praying all commercials head in this direction.

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