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October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

The worn adage “Time flies when you are having fun.” is particularly special today as it marks the first year (to this post exactly!) that LAIY has been around. That’s right: it’s our first brithday–and it came out of nowhere.

A lot has happened in the year and we’ve had brilliant opportunities to share what Angelenos are doing. We’ve gotten to sit down with some of the biggest working local artists, we’ve gotten to taste our way through the changing food environment, we’ve caught various trends rising and falling, we’ve shared a lot of point of views, we’ve heard what people passing through the city think about us, we’ve stirred online conversations, and more and more and more. The year mark literally came out of nowhere and we have so many great readers and supporters to show for it: we thank you all for making this year great!

There really isn’t anything to say besides, “Shit: it’s been a year?? What have we got to show of it?!” Plenty? Plenty. In addition to some cool programming we’re going to be rolling out this month and next (one of which is announced at 11AM but you may have caught it already…), we wanted to take a moment on this one year birthday to reflect on where it all began. For those veteran readers, this all may be old news. For others? Here is a peek under our hood…

An explanation of design. Bobby of The Fox Is Black gave a detailed explanation on our launch day of what went into the design of the site and what we were putting into it. The design has not changed and perhaps soon we’ll do some bending and tweaking but–for those who’ve always wondered what went into it–here’s a little design tour for you.
An explanation of our intent. I forgot we even did this: our first official post was a thesis that explained what we intend to do with LAIY. We’ve held true to our intent, which is great to hear. Reading this piece is reminiscent to listening to an old recording of yourself, to which you reply, “I sound like that??”
Our first Featured Interview. Our friend and overall rad artist dude Tim Biskup was the first LAIY coverboy. We had no doubts in our mind in terms of who would be our first feature as his story is fantastic as is his space. I hope we’ve been keeping it up with our Featured Interviews because this story kicked off the series strong.
This post and this post. These two were our first two posts that we shared on our first day. We back logged lots of content but these two–a peek into the Modernica Factory Sale and look at PULSE Art Fair–were what went up on our first day. Thinking about this, when is this year’s Modernica sale and PULSE fair?? We’ll have to look into that…
Our last page. As of now, this page marks back to our earliest posts, which were admittedly shaky and are best representative of us getting our footing in voice and content.

We still cannot believe it’s been a year. Can you?! I need a drink after thinking about all of this. Thank you all for reading and for sharing and we’ll see you all soon!

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