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Dreams’ Feelings 4 U EP

Dreams "Feelings 4 U" EP

LA beat maker Jessie Pimenta is Dreams. His new EP, Feelings 4 U is out now on Absent Fever, and each track is an incarnation of funk that eats away at any notion of yours to stay still. Because, well, as Jessie puts it “everything else changes, but funk is eternal.”

Absent Fever is run by two of the sharpest young bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. LA based blogger Eloise, who runs verb/re/verb, and Chicago based blogger Tyler, who runs Flashlight Tag. They are wrangling up some of the best and youngest talent you will find these days and releasing it into the world both digitally–and free.

Download Feelings 4 U free on the Absent Fever’s Bandcamp.

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