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MOCAtv Is Here

MOCAtv Is Here

The online and offline worlds are starting to blur together. We all know this. The art world is doing an OK job at coping with this balance, whether it be by having people participate in a show online like Made In L.A. did or having guests use a website as the anchor to a grouping of several shows like Pacific Standard Time did. It cannot be said that the Los Angeles art community is leading in this art/technology crusade but there have been some good attempts. Perhaps the best attempt? MOCAtv, a landmark art beast that is intended to extend the MOCA‘s reach beyond Los Angeles and beyond contemporary art. They’re entering into some next level terrain.

MOCAtv is a contemporary art channel on YouTube that is the *first* (and only) effort in this capacity. There are a lot of art museums and institutions sharing videos on YouTube but this is an unprecedented endeavor as they are making content specifically intended to marry the online and offline worlds together in the name of art. It’s really progressive and undoubtedly the most now you can get in the art world. Seriously: Twitter is just now being understood in relationship to institutions and how to extend an art brand–YouTube? Good luck with that.

There’s a lot going into MOCAtv that makes it special. First, they have made a few series of videos that will have new videos shared on a weekly basis: Mondays will have Artist Video Projects which will share Southland video art works with West Coast Video Art and contemporary art exhibiting MOCAtv Presents; Wednesday will be Art+Music and have the collaborative Art And Music Originals, rock and roll art collision The Art Of Punk, and soon-to-open show extending Blues For Smoke; and Thursdays will have both new videos from their Art In The Streets series (an obvious, multi-layered furthering of the show) and YouTube Curated By (hosted playlists by artists and tastemakers). There will be a few monthly entries like The Artist’s Studio, that gives an inside look at where artists make, and Moca U, a series of educational videos from artists, academics, critics, and more. In addition to all of this, if you subscribe to the channel, you’ll get a complimentary three month membership to MOCA.

The entire effort is unprecedented. It’s a little overwhelming, too: they are doing so, so, soooo much!! It is a terrific and incredible way for MOCA to yet again prove that they are really working in 2012 (which we’ve said before and we’re saying again). What they are doing not only represents what the future of art making and sharing looks like but what is happening in Los Angeles art. This could have come from MoMA or Tate or Guggenheim or New Museum or SFMoMA or wherever–but it didn’t: it came from Downtown Los Angeles anchored MOCA. How remarkable is that?

There will be shade thrown at this effort because there is always shade thrown toward MOCA. We’re really proud of what they’re doing and really, really pumped to see what they’ll be sharing in the future. It’s a huge, HUGE effort and it’s going to probably be something we’re sharing from a lot because there will be a ton of really well made, LA focused video works. For now, take a peek of three of our favorite videos that are currently up on the site below and get more on MOCAtv here. There are many, many videos to come soon.

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