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Which Haunted Houses You Should Go To In LA

Which Haunted Houses You Should Go To In LA

Of all the things to do for Halloween, haunted houses are the most fun. They are. They’re immersive, they’re scary, they put you into the time of year, and they are the only time we get to pay people to scare the shit out of us. Los Angeles has some good offerings, too. They range from DIY goodies to million dollar institutions to horrific environments created by some of Hollywood’s top horror producers: we have every possible type of haunted house in LA. Which do you want to go to? Let’s break it down for you…

For The Family, Then Not For The Family: Fright Fair At Pierce College
Pierce College is holding its annual Halloween Harvest Festival. It’s an entire family affair with pumpkins, rides, animals, mazes, hayrides, and more. At dusk, it all changes: it becomes Fright Fair. It’s supposed to be pretty legit, too.

Perhaps The Most *Exclusive* Haunted House: Revenge Of The Ninja
This Haunted House out in Torrance only runs on October 27, 28, and 31. It is free (Donations accepted!) and is a homegrown maze of terror.

Second Most *Exclusive*: House At Haunted Hill
This Woodland Hills haunt is a lot like Revenge Of The Ninja in that it is very homegrown and only runs for a select few days at the month’s end. Although very limited in when you can visit, there’s something refreshing about this. It a lot like the old days when Halloween was a week–not a month!

Most “That Haunted House I Used To Go To In High School”: The Empty Grave and Sinister Pointe
I’ve not been to either of these, I admit. However, judging from their descriptions and websites and photos they sure do look like those swell suburban scares you are familiar with from going to high school not in a city. And, if you did go to high school in a city, this may be silly and not nostalgic for you.

Because You Want To Ride The Metro Home Scared: Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights
Everyone knows this old standby–and you can take the Metro to it! We often overlook this scare center because no one ever thinks of Universal as a place you’d actually want to go to. Why go this year? There is a Walking Dead (Ugh. Hate that show.) “terror tram,” a Silent Hill something, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre something, and an Alice Cooper something.

For The “DON’T GET CLOSE TO ME!! DON’T EVEN TOUCH ME!!!” Haunted House Goer: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
I went to this years ago, perhaps even in their inaugural year? No idea. What I do know is that it’s fairly fun but not that scary because you are being pulled by a truck in a buggie through the old zoo at Griffith Park. It’s very easy to not get touched and not get that scared: just sit in the middle of the buggie. It’s fun.

Haunt With A Heart: Old Town Haunt
This is Pasadena’s effort to scare Angelenos. It’s supposed to be “longer and scarier” than in previous years–and a portion of sales goes toward a local non-profit! That’s great. We’re not sure if it’s scarier than some of the club creatures you see Saturday nights on Colorado but we are willing to investigate.

Happy Scariversary!: Knott’s Scary Farm
Everyone knows that Knott’s Berry Farm’s Knott’s Scary Farm is a classic Halloween tradition. It’s great! This year is their fortieth anniversary of holding this event. Scares will likely be at an all time high.

If You Need Many Scares: Field Of Screams
Toted as Inland Empire’s “#1 Halloween tradition,” this haunting has four mazes (!!!!) and two “scarezones” (!!). If you are one of those people who can’t get enough of just one thrill, you’re going to want to go here.

For The Haunted Thespian: Delusion
Delusion is a “haunted play” that is interactive and produced by Neil Patrick Harris. It’s won a few awards and is likely very scary but, at its heart, it’s ~*~tHeAtRe~*~

Crowd Favorite: Reign Of Terror
I’ve heard from a few friends and haunted house aficionados that this is that this is the best haunted house in town. There are four Sections this year that includes a traditional haunted house, an Insane Asylum, a “Blood Manor,” and this year’s new Miner’s Revenge. OooOoOoOoooOoooh…

Most Likely To Be The Best: Blumhouse Of Horrors
This is from the producers of Paranormal Activity and is supposed to be an extension of what they bring to the screen but in real life. The story is about a botched magic show so it should be real kooky and real scary. Dying to go to this. It’s Downtown, too.

Most Likely To Be OH MY GOD I SHIT MY PANTS: Blackout
This is a New York haunted house that has travelled out West (to Downtown) to scare people. What’s so scary about it? First off, it’s completely dark. Second, you have to go in one person at a time. Third, you have to sign a waiver in order to participate. That is all you need to know. Not convinced? Read this.

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