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From Beastie Boys To Han Cholo, A Creative Space In Atwater


The Beastie Boys, although not Los Angelenos, have done a lot of work in Los Angeles. One of their workspaces was in Atwater Village, in a spot called G-Son Studios. The space was where they recorded Check Your Head, their 1992 album, as well as other projects. Although the space is no longer just a recording studio, it is still a creative home for creatives. From Han Cholo to X-Large Clothing, the space is a hub for many cool people to make things.

OBEY has made a great little documentary on the space from the current artists own words, detailing the history. Brandon Schoolhouse of Han Cholo discusses the space and its history, which he is very much a part of. Schoolhouse used to work at Grand Royal years ago, when X-Large was still located across the street from G-Son. As you will see, the space is still a musical hotspot that is now much more than just a place to make music.

The story of the space is really informative and OBEY does an excellent job of telling it’s story. The piece is directed by Eric Prichard.

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