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The Best Cookie In Los Angeles: Cookie Good’s Carmel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk

The Best Cookie In Los Angeles: Cookie Good's Carmel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk

“What is the best cookie in Los Angeles?” That is a question we’ve never thought to ask. This isn’t really something you consider until you taste something and know it is the best. This cookie is something that is so irresistible, so decadent, so insane as you eat that you cannot place a time when you’ve had another confectionary experience like this. This is what it means to be the best–and we had this feeling while trying Santa Monica’s Cookie Good‘s Carmel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk cookie. It is the best, most ridiculous cookie in Los Angeles.

We grabbed the cookie last week while on our food finding trip to Monsieur Marcel last week. The cookie is a normal looking sugar cookie in a bit of caramel residue. There’s a pretzel on top of the non-smooth side and a few chocolate pieces sticking out. It’s a messy looking cookie whose ingredients sound overwhelming but good. What can you expect beyond a super saccharine cookie experience? That’s all we anticipated it to be.

The Best Cookie In Los Angeles: Cookie Good's Carmel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk

The Cookie Good cookie is more than that. It’s this collision of multiple sweet and savory experiences mashed together in one place. It’s the most rich (In the best way!) cookie eating experience. The cookie is sweet and soft and your normal chocolate chip cookie. The chips are chunky and big and in no way perfect or predictable. Intermixed with this, perhaps just situated atop of it, is solidified gooey caramel. This brings about an ugliness to the cookie–but a playfulness. Caramel is always great and it is certainly welcome in this combination. What does the pretzel do? It totally complexifies this cookie, turning it into a savory and altogether intense experience that permeates the entire treat.

The combination of all of these ingredients is a similar to Hershey’s Take 5 candy bar from a few years back. It’s an incredibly rich, fun, guilt inducing, good desert that you should only have a taste of–but you will eat the entire thing. I grabbed this cookie to eat last week and thought it’d be an easy thing to review. Nope: it was almost inedible it was that good. I wanted to stop myself but, like anyone who has biked downhill on Glendale Blve into Atwater Village, you cannot control yourself from the moment the momentum starts.

The Best Cookie In Los Angeles: Cookie Good's Carmel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk

We don’t know how the rest of the Cookie Good cookies are but they are likely delicious too. What we do know is that their Caramel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk cookie is the best cookie we’ve ever had. It’s absurdly delicious and a dessert that demands you do a joyful calorie burning lap around your apartment complex to celebrate your eating it. You can find the cookie at various places around town and can pick it up from Cookie Good’s Westside store. You need it ASAP.

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