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A Sneak Peek At Vintage Enoteca’s Hallowed Vine

Vintage Enoteca Hallowed Vine

Halloween may not currently be a culinary holiday but, if you talk to a lot of mid to late twentysomething plus persons, the holiday is one of the best nights to grab a fancy, special dinner. Some people go out costumed to eat while others push aside the weeknight Halloween costuming as a ghoul for the costuming of a formal shirt and tie so that they can go to a culinary location they had on their shortlist. Going out for a meal is basically trick-or-treating for adults. Most restaurants don’t seem to pick up on this but one has: Vintage Enoteca on Sunset. The small plates restaurant and wine bar has a special event for the holiday entitled Hallowed Vine, where wines will be paired with…candy!

This is the second year Vintage Enoteca has held the event and is a part of their ongoing series of non-traditional wine tastings at the restaurant. There will be four total pairings, ranging from sweet whites to strong reds, matched with popular holiday candies: Smarties, Candy Corn, M&Ms, Snickers, and many others. Owners Jennifer Moore and Danielle Francois passed along the information to us last week, which we had to share. They also mentioned that the Candy Corn and Chardonnay is a “classic” pairing to especially look out for (and they have a fantastic Viognier/Chardonnay, too!).

Vintage Enoteca Hallowed Vine

As you can see above, the pairings are quite extraordinary. Moreover, just $25 for the wine and the dessert is a fantastic alternative to standing around in a costume all sweaty trying to get a drink or, better yet, some Halloween candy. Do yourself a favor: save yourself the time and money of a party and grab a nice dinner this weekend at Vintage Enoteca, the only place in town where you can have wine and candy.

Photos via Vintage Enoteca.

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