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The Devastator X LAIY Indie Pop-Up At Meltdown Comics

The Devastator X LAIY's Indie Pop Up At Meltdown Comics

A small giant weight has been lifted off of our chests: we finally had an IRL event and extended the LAIY banner beyond a website and into the a small storefront on Sunset. We had a lot of fun and a great crowd and I don’t think we could have asked for a better first event. Y’all who didn’t make it? Yous missed out. There will be a next time, though!

The event was to celebrate the release of The Devastator‘s sixth issue on Indie culture. We got a note from LAIY friends and former cover people Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden in late September about teaming up for an event at Meltdown. We thought it would be a wonderful way to get ourselves out there by way of an event. We had high hopes of getting a local beer sponsor (All were too busy.) and building out a crazy display (This was too tricky.) and maybe even having an Instagram photo booth (This was too difficult.). We came up with the next best things (buying PBR in mass quantities, making a hipster mis en scéne storefront, borrowing Steven Harrington‘s Instagram Kaleidoscope) and were able to make a very special one-night-only pop-up.

The Devastator X LAIY's Indie Pop Up At Meltdown Comics

We opened up shop at 6PM and were met by an immediate little burst of Devastator fans and friends in addition to a few LAIY folk (like contributor Cori Clark Nelson). The pop-up did have two little bursts of people around 7:30PM and around 9:30PM, likely a combination of the “pre-dinner” and “post-dinner” rushes and the visiting of The Gastrobus. We got a good amount of foot traffic from people who spotted the yellow bus in addition to the constantly moving storefront of people taking photos and hanging out in the hipster mis en scéne (which, truth be told, was made of random shit lying around my apartment so judge away, everyone).

In case you were wondering what we had up for grabs at the event and what all was going on, a few things to note. First and most obviously, The Devastator had their latest issue, their back issues, prints, posters, pins, and more for sale. They sold a lot, too! We had a selection of The Fox Is Black posters that we’ve accumulated throughout the years in addition to a very special LAIY package of Afterzine thanks to recent LA transplant Hamish Robertson. We did OK sales but we were more concerned with getting people to come and hang out than we were with SELL! SELL! SELLING! (Also, I totally dropped the ball and didn’t get any LAIY things made. We didn’t even have stickers! Ugh. Sorry, y’all. This is the paltry excuse that I have for not making anything.)

The Devastator X LAIY's Indie Pop Up At Meltdown Comics

We had a few other tricks and fun things going on. Firstly, there were a some Devastator guests including a dragged out Zooey Deschanel (played by John Ford), the Admiral Akbar Film Festival with Akbar himself (played by Asterios Kokkinos), and a rare appearance by DJ Squirrelex spinning some Nutstep (played by Geoffrey). Additionally, we had two stellar DJ sets: Friends of FriendsJulian Schoen had a super rad electronic set and LAIY contributor Alec Rojas closed the event out with some sweet, super chilled jazz and more. There was also a cameo by a dog named Pistachio who had the cutest underbite. All make appearances in the photos.

The one-night-only Devastator X LAIY pop-up was great. We had a lot of fun and all the hard work really did pay off. (We did have a lot of extra Keystone Light nobody wanted, though…) We’re actually totally shocked the event is over because it seemed so far away and then, all of a sudden, it was over. We suppose it is time to start planning for our next event. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone want to do anything? We’ll start thinking of things as well but we’re pumped to get shit going.

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