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An Interesting New York Times Article

Look At This Article About Jeffrey Deitch And LA Art Scene In The New York Times

We’ll keep this brief. An article came out Friday in the New York Times titled “The Lives Of Jeffrey Deitch” which detailed Deitch’s Los Angeles trials and tribulations and wonders how it all happened. It asks a lot of questions and points to some answers, while the Los Angeles art community is portrayed as a lush landscape of creative, opinionated, and fickle people. It’s an interesting read.

There are a lot of big takeaways from the article, from Deitch speaking to Los Angeles’ tendency to praise and pummel to the soapiness of the year’s MOCA drama. One of the biggest takeaways for us at LAIY, a website on the periphery of art in Los Angeles, was the relating of the diehard art community and critics of MOCA/Deitch to cocktail chattering bandwagon jumpers, rumormongers hoping to nail someone to a conceptual cross. It’s funny that the article, written by New Yorker Guy Trebay, was able to catch our true colors so succinctly and so accurately. After all, we encountered this vicious cocktail chatter by way of a cyberbullying escapade led by the “very important” arts supporters of Los Angeles.

It is still remarkable to us that sharing an unfavorable opinion on a personal website can lead to a group of (entitled) people you don’t even know trying to execute you with words they would never say to a person offline. The LA art world is great but is quick to draw pitchforks and torches on people they think are bad, people who are challenging their pedagogical bases. After all, we are not art people or art educated nor do we ever want to be: we’re just fans and champions of the subject and how Angelenos interact with it. All of this we share and attempt to digest on LAIY.

The article is a quick, good read that may be swept under the LA art rug. It’s worth a few minutes and it will undoubtedly bring about quite a range of reactions. If you’ve been keeping up (or trying to) with this very convoluted story, this is an entry from someone far removed who does an excellent recap. Give it a read here.

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