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Adam Ferriss’ RGB World

Adam Ferriss' RGB World

It’s always great to get messages from local artists who are just like, “I’d like to be considered for a post: here is my website.” It’s usually those simple e-mails without any notice of what the work is that yield these huge results and reactions. This is what happened with a note we got from local artist Adam Ferriss. We didn’t know what to expect but, if you click his name, you’ll see what we mean: he makes these crazy tri-colored, RGB .gifs and artworks that are absolutely hypnotizing (once they load, of course). We wanted to wait for a “special time to share” his work however we had to get it onto the site ASAP. You guys need to check his work out. Right now.

The majority of Adam’s work is in this televised red/blue/green world. It’s almost like computer vision from a robot who is slightly malfunctioning and trying to process the natural world around him. In Red 7 Lake, Ferriss animates Southern California views with looped, colorful .gifs that you could get lost in for hours (with or without drug assistance, too). Tartan Ribbons has a similar feel as he looks over what appears to be Pacific pools of water that have turned into gaseous, alien swells of goo. What’s he’s made is kind of like an ocean filled with that meteor shit from Creepshow, which–if you’ve seen the film–is a fascinating but deadly attraction. Botanical Specimens is the most subdued entry in this style and sees tropical trees, flowers, and more almost out of focus in 3D, like a near humanoid in need of some optical tweaking. It’s all an interesting juxtaposition between modern art making, technology, and nature.

We really, really dig all of Adam’s work and there’s a lot to see on his website. There’s even an entirely (visually) unrelated set of work titled 500 Years Away that is all about these insane starscapes and galaxies transformed into what looks like broken rocks or felt paintings. Again: hypnotizing. You can check out more of Adam’s work here and you should also take a peek at his Tumblr, too. We’re totally digging his work.

Adam Ferris' Tri-Toned World

Adam Ferris' Tri-Toned World

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