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Corporate Cool: A Hip Coffee Video By Curtis

Corporate Cool A Hip Coffee Video By Curtis

It’s always funny and interesting when big, industrial brands branch out in a “cool” direction. It’s kind of that feeling like your dad is chaperoning a school dance and decides to attempt the Macarena to seem hip and young. (That example is totally not based on a true story. Totally made up.) Curtis, a commercial coffee equipment company based in Montebello, are attempting to get some street credibility and take their products out from just being in the backs of Dennys and into hipper spots. They’ve started with various social media efforts but most notably with a “cool” coffee quality video all about Angelenos getting coffee. It’s interesting.

The video has various people in and around what appears to be the Arts District biking and walking all in effort to get some coffee. An older male voiceover speaks about the importance of coffee and the ritual of it all and eventually we’re in a factory watching multiple Curtis generations hanging out. The video is “told at daybreak in Los Angeles” but “could be any city in the United States.” It is undoubtedly well made and is an attempt to nudge this coffee brand established in 1941 into heritage brand territory.

Again: it’s interesting. Not because it’s a big company trying on cool clothes but because Curtis appears to be a totally industrial brand, a place that restaurant managers and school cafeteria employees turn to for coffee making in bulk. It’s true that they do cater to that audience but perusing their website shows them pushing their new, sexy G4 product line with a iPad-like object proclaiming it is the “People’s Choice” and “Best New Product” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. This is obviously catering to more urban, design savvy people. They also have lots of other fancy videos, too. We’ll have to see what happens with this but, for now, this is a fascinating marketing strategy and very representative of old school companies coping with everything from the Internet to appealing to “tastemakers.” Catch the video below.

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