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Matsuda’s Fall/Winter Campaign

Matsuda's Fall:Winter Campaign

Matsuda Eyewear is a Japanese heritage brand that makes some super, super beautiful glasses. They are designed with an incredible attention to detail and are launching some fine wears after recently relocating to the Southland. To share some of their latest Fall/Winter looks, the brand has released a short, beautiful campaign film that sees their glasses exploding out of dark water and back to life. It’s a simple visual metaphor that basically is saying, “Hey: we’re back, everyone!”

The campaign video is a luscious minute long. You see members of their Optical and Sun collections bursting from black water, sometimes intertwined with other glasses, each of them with a small “Matsuda” on their stage-left lens. Buoyant black bubbles float around these sleek glasses almost like little helpers seeing these newborn phoenixes off as skeletal post-jazz provides the soundtrack. It’s a simple visual trick that has a big payoff–certainly one that will lead you to clicking through–and drolling over–their latest collection. There are some great glasses in their new line ranging from an antique black and grey tortoise frames with engraved metal arms to perfectly round “Tokyo Tortoise” frames that Mr. Chow will undoubtedly be coveting.

Catch the video below and get ready to spot the brand around town. They’re in the height of a re-launch that is certainly going to have some shockwaves in the optical community. For more on the brand and to get updates, be sure to watch their Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.