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Gold & Soil

Gold & Soil

Gold & Soil are a Topanga based duo consisting of Ana Caravelle and Ryan York. They make sparkly, layered music that very much seems to be a response to nature (which is likely the influence of living in Topanga Canyon). Their music glows from Carvelle’s folksy vocals, which are cocooned in a thick layer of warped strings.

The pairing are very interesting beyond their sound as they have a rich history: Caravelle and York are both PHD candidates in Psychology and Neuroscience. Each of them have also made independent entries into music as Caravelle released an album back in 2010 and York works under the name Asura (both of which are on Non Projects). The pairing of their aesthetics–Caravelle’s Joanna Newsom multiplied by Nite Jewel voice, York’s tangled, webbed synths–makes for a surprisingly good mix. They dip their feet into many genres and end up falling into some folk/ambient/dream pop/IDM/glitch meshing.

The duo’s debut LP comes out next Tuesday and should be a really fantastic new LA musical voice. You can catch two of their very stellar tracks–“Alone” and “Of Our Earth”–below. For more on the group, check out their website and visit their Facebook. We’re sure this group is going to be popping up all over the Internet in the next few weeks.

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