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cdsavoia Gets Close With Local Artists

cdsavoia Gets Close With Local Artists

I don’t remember how we found this but apparently there is a website called cdsavoia and they are sitting down with local fine artists to give you a quick snippet into their work and lifestyle. These are always so fun to come across but cdsavoia has picked some really, really top tier artists and are just throwing out content as they make it. It’s very curious since there is not really much explanation for them.

The videos span lots of artistic styles and areas, extending from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach to Baltimore. The Los Angeles artists are what fill most of the content, though. The artists included are people we love like Kris Lewis and Jessica Williams in addition to other talents we were unfamiliar with like James Georgopoulos, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, and Dora De Larios. The films each have sit downs with artists for interviews and feature them working on a current project. They’re like tiny, bitesized Art21 videos fully equipped with musical scores and title sequences. The relationship to Los Angeles in these videos is relatively small but each artist certainly finds ways to interject the city into their story.

The series is great but we still aren’t quite sure what this all is working toward as the site’s very clinical and omniscient description says it’s basically here only to “bring consumers the artist story through compelling video content.” It’s strange to call viewers “consumers” but–hey–tomato, tomato: it doesn’t matter because they are good. For all we know, these videos could be made by an art robot who only wants to share beautiful things–and it has started in Los Angeles and is working its way out. Catch a few of the trailers for our favorites below and watch the full videos on their website.

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