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Steven Harrington’s The Thinker

Steven Harrington's The Thinker

Steven Harrington is always doing something. He’s had a big art show this year, continued collaboration with Generic Surplus, and keeps doing his thing with National Forest. He’s one of the town’s busiest! What’s new with him? He has recently collaborated with renowned Dutch makers Case Studyo to make bring new sculpture The Thinker into a porcelain reality.

Steven and Studyo have made twenty five of these sculptures. The piece is a glossy white and retains Steven’s hand-molded details although made of such a precious glass. The subject itself–this thinking, shamanic, brainy man–is intended to stir conversation between the artist and viewer. Even without the (beautiful) box for the piece, you can still see those little brainwaves of his resonating from the top of his head.

Steven Harrington's The Thinker

If your’re not familiar with Studyo, they’re totally top notch. They have done collaborations with Friendswithyou, Parra, Todd James, Craig Redman (known as Darcel), and more. If you attended his Insideout show at Known earlier this year, the giant white You & I ampersand was made by Studyo. Of course, The Thinker is not as large as that but it is just as slick.

The piece goes for sale at noon today and is in an edition of twenty five. We think they’re going to go fast. Get more information on it here.

Steven Harrington's The Thinker

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