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The Recap: What’s Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 11.9 – 11.11


“Is it Thanksgiving yet? What is going on? Everything has been so busy!! Can I relax this weekend??” – Just about everyone’s thoughts right now. And, to answer the last question, we have a big fat NO for you since a ton is going on. Guess you’ll have to…CHECK THE RECAP!!

Friday, November 9
Your girl Rhonda is going all out tonight.
• CCC is having a sick party out in Highland Park.
The opening reception for Jason Koharik’s sale is tonight.
Snowboarding weekend with Commne!
AL Steiner’s Puppies & Babies closes today.
Symphony Jazz Orchestra performs tonight.
Fall NoCo Week in Pasadena is still going on.
Steven Harrington’s The Thinker is now for sale!!

Saturday, November 10
That Creatures of Comfort pop-up ends today.
Hang with Morning Glory Confections at Market On Holly (RSVP only!).
Chloe Early’s Rainbow Ruins opens tonight at Corey Helford.
Check out Jason Koharik’s sale!
We Are Who We Pretend To Be opens today.
Rosetti String Quartet is at The Getty.
LaVerenne’s Chef Series continues with Suzanne Tracht.
Mel Kadel’s Merry Karnowsky show closes today!
Zulu Lounge is having a CAFAM benefitting event.
Mike Parillo has a new show opening at CES.
Otherwild is having a sale and drinks tonight!
Dr. Dunks is partying in LA!!
A Gathering Of Food Trucks is happening at District La Brea.
Restoration Hardware’s Baby & Child opens today.
Fall NoCo Week!

Sunday, November 11
Left, Right, & Center are having a live show.
Sarah Dougherty’s show ends today.
Chris Burden’s Small Skyscraper comes down today.
The end of the return of Test Kitchen!
Whitney Stolich and Edith Beaucage’s show at CB1 ends.
It’s the end of Fall NoCo Week!
Fried chicken at Parish now.
Drown Me In Pictures is having a closing event today.

Coming Up This Week
Monday, catch Björk’s “Mutual Core.”
Tuesday, Gold & Soil’s album comes out.
Tuesday, Harriet concert.
Tuesday, Comix Jam starts!
Wednesday, Jason Koharik’s sale ends.
Wednesday, Pie at Akbar.
Wednesday, Petty Fest West begins…
Thursday, Petty Fest West continues! We’ll be there.
Thursday, Alika Cooper and Anna Mayer’s Night Gallery show closes.
Thursday, Movember Manimal show!
Thursday, Opus Label is having a party.
Thursday, there’s a comedy show at Skirball.
Thursday, Deep Paint opens.
Thursday, MAK’s Double Crossings opens.
Friday, Jay Yan’s show closes.
Friday, the big Heath sale starts today!!
Friday, Beth Chucker’s show opens.

Selected Ongoing Items
The UCLA MFA show is great!
…while you are there, check out some sculpture in a park.
• Donate to help LA Game Space!!
Catch Alison Saar at Otis through November 17!
There are four new shows at PMCA.
A little boy tells us why museums suck.
Some of our favorite MOCAtv videos currently up now.
Juice Maids are at Food+Lab now.
Catch Ben Jones at MOCA PDC! It’s great.
Licking Yellow Frog is open now.
Check out the shows at the Hammer!
Movember at Kings Row!
The new Chillibeans is open.
You should listen to Cayucas.
L.A. Skin & Ink at CAFAM is up.
Eat this!
• Buy this!
• Read this!

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