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Megan Geckler’s Site Specific Installations

Megan Geckler Site Specific Installation

While around town, have you seen any installations with flagging tape? They usually slice and dice spaces with neon triangles composed of falls of tape strung together–have you seen those? What about some draped from the ceiling, dangling down like sunbeams–sound familiar? Well, you certainly have as installation Megan Geckler is the city’s most prominent installationist, who has done work in places from Space 15 Twenty to Creative Artsits Agency.

Geckler is known for weaving art into design of spaces, marrying the two things effortlessly by contorting flagging tape. “The bulk of my work lies within the area located between art and design,” she says in her artist’s statement, “Each space in which I work informs the optical order and systematic reasoning that is the foundation for my process.” The tape, made of translucent plastic, are the transformative pieces. Geckler finds them to compliment interiors and “simulate and reference our idea of ‘the future’ and camouflage the handmade quality of the work.”

Her work is incredibly minimalistic, detailed, mathematical, and fun. They turn spaces from their normal selves into these futuristic party beings: they’d definitely turn any office from lame into rad in a few hours of work. Her most recent piece was for mega Hollywood agency CAA, which was what caught our eye. Her work is amazing, yes, but the fact that CAA–an organization you would assume is completely artless and all business–gave the go ahead for such a cool piece is astounding. It makes you want to respect them (well, at least 10% more).

Below are a few process videos of her work around town including the new CAA piece, which is entitled Lay It Down And Start It Up.

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