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An Explanation Of What Newcastle’s “Walk The Dog” Is

An Explanation Of What Newcastle's "Walk The Dog" Is

Signs have been everywhere for this but beer company Newcastle is hosting a multi-locational concert event tomorrow called “Walk The Dog.” The event is being pitched to Angelenos via LAist, OC Weekly, and Filter Magazine (which is still a thing, apparently) as a sort of concert happening all over the city (“5 Neighborhoods, 5 Venues, 5 Different Live Performances, Same Day”) between 11AM to 3PM. This sounds kind of cool, but really does not seem like that neat of a thing: the five neighborhoods are not near each other, therefore making it only possible to go to one–maybe two–of the seemingly early on a Saturday concerts. It sounds like the idea is great (to encourage people out to different neighborhoods, therefore exposing people to new things by way of Newcastle) that may be underhanded by its being planned by non-Angelenos.

Of course, the event booked Villain’s Tavern and The Echo, which are great for something like this. Those places are great! They are near each other! People in the city of Los Angeles would go there! But, Finn McCool in Santa Monica, Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, and 2nd Floor in Orange County? What? Are you serious? Two of those are not even in Los Angeles neighborhoods: they are neighboring cities. This sounds like a spread-too-thin idea that is only going to pull out a few handfuls of people from their bed to drink during the day, listen to music, then hop in their car and drive buzzed as people are trying to enjoy their Saturdays.

Newcastle is awesome. It is! They make great beer and they actually do really awesome promotional things in coordination with a city. For example, last month they seemingly highjacked San Diego with some cool art. Sure, they didn’t get JR, Neckface, and Banksy, but they made an effort with some fairly unique things that got people curious and excited about the brand. Perhaps they are doing something similar in Los Angeles that is just going awash in the expanse of the city, but all we’re seeing is this Walk The Dog business.

If you would like to go to the event and see what it’s all about, be sure to RSVP here. One awesome thing about Walk The Dog is that they are requiring a donation to the Los Angeles Art Association for entry. So, as they suggest, bring a dollar to give to LAAA and get ready to day drink to some music, y’all.

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