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Bon Appétit Steps Into Bäco Mercat

Bon Appétit Steps Into Bäco Mercat

A few months ago, Downtown’s Bäco Mercat was named one of the top ten hottest new American restaurants. It was a victory for Los Angeles dining and certainly put a spotlight on the place. Bäco is wonderful and it’s hard to find a hater: all praise is well deserved. Even thought they are well written about, there’s still a lot to know about the place. Thankfully, Bon Appétit has stepped inside of the kitchen and did a video on chef Josef Centeno and his very hyped restaurant.

The video has Centeno explaining the restaurant’s origin, which was a very frugal and humble beginning. He shares some super interesting tidbits about the space–he stained the floor himself and he washes the windows himself every few weeks–in addition to getting into the guts (Ha!) of their food making. At one point you even see him with a small pig that he is readying to dress. It isn’t gorey at all but there is a moment of, “I hope I don’t have to watch this!”

There is not a ton of time spent explaining their process in food making. It’s mostly about Centeno giving a brief origin story and sharing Bäco Mercat’s philosophy in running a restaurant. It’s a nice way to put a face to the much lauded restaurant and you can very much tell that Centeno and Bäco have not let their success get to them. They’re not changing any time soon.

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