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Douglas Alvarez’s Comfort Food

Douglas Alvarez's Comfort Food

Douglas Alvarez is a Los Angeles artist who has a bit of a food obsession at the moment. He’s inspired by a lot of things but most recently what we put into our bodies and the culture surrounding eating. From donut sculptures to breast-like Hershey’s Kisses paintings, these are his current obsessions. They’re celebrations and examinations of these mundane foodstuffs: they are his Comfort Food.

Alvarez was recently the subject of a little process documentary by Shannon Rowland. In it, Alvarez explains his process and the body of work that he has been working on. You see Alvarez doing everything from painting pictures to finishing sculptures to touring his current work, which are all food related items. There’s a funny playfulness happening in his creating, which he touches on in the video. His work relates to the lusciousness of what a chef creates and what it means for an artist to recreate the work of a chef. They are pieces of art, things that have “to be celebrated,” which is what he does in his work. They–like the food they represent–are presentations that should be examined. Alvarez explains the idea of savoring and how food, like art, should be savored visually before being consumed.

It’s interesting. Alvarez’s work is interesting too as they retain a sense of Wayne Thiebaud’s food wonder as he does Claes Oldenburg’s caricature characteristics. Alvarez’s work in Comfort Food is currently on view at Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock and will be up through December 4. Check out the video below and check out more of Alvarez’s work here.

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