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The Making Of Björk’s Mutual Core

The Making Of Björk's Mutual Core

Another week, another video has gone viral, amirite? One of the handful that has been circling around the Internet in a frenzy this week (along with the Thanksgiving pop song and gay men marrying your girlfriends) is a Björk music video directed by local filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang in conjunction with MOCA. The dynamic, explosive video has Björk all up in the Earth orchestrating some dancing rocks that collide to form a new world, a “mutual core.” It’s an incredible video…but how was it made? Let’s find out.

Huang and a film crew worked hand in hand with Björk to create the video, which was produced in both Reykjavik and Los Angeles. The bulk of the shooting was done in Iceland, a place that served as a big inspiration for the volcanic video. Huang explains how special it was to shoot in Björk’s hometown because there is so much palpable geothermal activity there. The actual volcanic activity in the video is a combination of puppetry, visual effects, and carved foam rocks that you get to see on strings and sticks in front a green screen. You also find out that Björk was actually in a sandpile for hours and obviously is quite a trooper. Seeing her manipulated and represented as a computerized rock formation is really fascinating, too. So much work went into the video!

Likely the most interesting item in all of this is that it’s a new and unique video but it very much plays into Björk’s rich canon of videos. It very easily is her best in years and is a nice addition to classics like Christopher Cunningham’s “All Is Full Of Love”, Michel Gondry’s “Bachelorette,” and–a more recent favorite–Spike Jonze’s “Triumph Of A Heart.” Perhaps this is premature but we are fairly certain Andrew Thomas Huang is going to be a highly sought after director very, very soon. Catch the behind the scenes video below and the original above.

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