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Drop Some Acid Into Your Tea And Watch Andrew Tonkery’s Videos

Drop Some Acid Into Your Tea And Watch Some Videos By Andrew Tonkery

Sometimes we get lost in Internet wormholes while searching for things to write about. Today’s started by obsessing over the work of John Michael Fulton (who we’ll post about once we find his website) which lead to stylist Jessica Willis’ website, where we were obsessed with her costume design and artworks, which directed us to Andrew Tonkery. Tonkery is a filmmaker in Los Angeles who has a very low-fi, hazy point of view. His films often appear fragmented and folding in on themselves, incorporate human movement and dance, and are always doused in color. We were entranced after watching a quick, twenty five second Joshua Tree video test he did.

Tonkery’s work all appears to be filmed on VHS or at least is reaching to mirror that blurry effect of a tape struggling to share media. There is a sense of mundane wanderlust to them and each tries to evoke this idea of being lost out in Joshua Tree on a cool day and you have no plans or desires to be found. His work feels somewhat like the video equivalent to early Ariel Pink records, specifically Worn Copy. His videos give the same feeling of a rough texture that you cannot help but be fascinated with, something that Pink did excellently with songs like “Trepanated Earth.” The subjects and content of the video are all means to explore style and try techniques. This non-objectivity lands them in a category near moving abstract paintings. His nearly twenty minute Study Of Human Sensory Celebration is essentially this idea in a nutshell (and was installed at Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree, too).

Take a look at some of our favorite videos of his below which may make you want to pop some sort of psychedelic something and gaze into your computer screen for a few hours. We totally condone that. You can find more of his videos on his Vimeo page. You can also wander around his website and Tumblr, too.

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