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Tracy Wilkinson And TW Pottery

A Local Potter

Succulents are such a Southern California thing. They reflect the beauty of the climate and are beautiful in a really special way. They kind of have a cult following here, as certain people are extreme fans of some but not of others and some retailers devote entire rooms to succulents–if not entire stores! One thing that is always a slight ordeal with succulents, though, is how to display them: what is the perfect pot for a succulent? Tracy Wilkinson is a local potter and has created a few pots that, while not intended for them specifically, compliment the plants perfectly.

Wilkinson is the woman behind TW Pottery, her pottery brand. Her pots are slightly asymmetrical, imperfectly perfect little pots. They balance rough and smooth textures in Earth tones of blacks, stones, grays, whites, and browns. When paired with the soft greens of little succulents, the pots really seem to sing.

A Local Potter

Her pots are also very ubiquitous, housed in many shops all over the city. Currently, her products are being sold at Alder & Co., Potted, ST&NDARD GOODS, and Driftwood, a few local retail powerhouses who specialize in homegrown creatives as such (which may or may not be why these pieces are familiar to you). Wilkinson’s pots for the most part can also be hung too, which is perfect for those of you blessed enough to have a patio or outdoor lounging space fit for hanging pots.

TW Pottery can be purchased online here, along with may of her other goods including some really sweet dreamcatchers. And, if you are craving good succulents, stop by Rolling Greens, My Secret Garden, Sunset Nursery, and the Westside’s best succulent only store, The Juicy Leaf.

A Local Potter

Photos via TW Pottery.

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