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Thrash Lab’s Profiles

Thrash Lab's Profiles

Thrash Lab is a Los Angeles based creative collective. They make videos and do interviews and are focused on sharing creatives at work and interesting communities in their element. Their reach spans beyond just Los Angeles but they’ve done some really great video interviews with locals that you guys need to see: this is their Profiles series.

The first video they did that we love is an interview with video maker and illustrator Molly Schiot. They meet with Schiot in her home and she explains her inspirations (White t-shirts and red socks!), her influences (Mauice Sendak, of course.), and her process–which is incredibly painstaking and somewhat new every time she makes. She’s quite a character and certainly makes for a really enjoyable video. Another video we enjoyed was a super recent release on Norm of Fairfax’s Will Rise Tattoo Studios. Norm is a totally tatted out but soft spoken guy who knows just about everything about tattoos. He explains how me makes (Sailor Jerry: huge influence!), what his style is (“gangster shit and American traditional together”), his work on lettering, and his obsession with knowing how tattoo machines work. He’s very, very dedicated to his craft.

They have lots and lots and lots of videos that can probably keep you occupied all day and each is incredibly well made. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as Thrash is a part of the Katalyst Network, the creative new media company headed by Ashton Kutcher. They know what they’re doing. Catch the videos below and we also tossed in one they made about working with Mr. Brainwash and hanging out South Central’s Real Rydaz. All of them are great. Catch more here.

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