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The Recap: What’s Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 11.16 – 11.18


As a lot of us prepare to head out of town for Thanksgiving, we should take a moment to relax and do something fun. Like what? Like go shopping or to an art show or to see a movie–all of which are happening this weekend! Find out what in THE RECAP!!

Friday, November 16
Jay Yan’s show ends today.
Beth Chucker’s show opens today.
You can catch some eighties movies at Grauman’s!
At 6:30PM, WUHO is having a book signing.
There’s a one-night-only boxing art show in Burbank tonight.

Saturday, November 17
Milo Greene are in LA.
Death of a Salesgirl ends today.
…as does that Dee Dee Ramone show.
And the UCLA MFA show!!
Those Commonwealth And Council shows close, too.
…as well as Alison Saar’s Otis show!
Danny Heller has a show opening at George Billis, though.
LA Taco is sponsoring an art show tonight, too.
Good Enough To Eat opens today as well.
If you are in Joshua Tree, you can go to a LAND event at the Integratron.
Fallen Fruit!
It’s Horrible Movie Night!
The Heath sale continues!
Celebrate Justin Van Hoy’s life at this memorial service.

Sunday, November 18
Hold Up Gallery’s latest closes.
Your Land / My Land at Hammer closes!
Ethel–which local Miriam Cutler scored–is off demand today. See it while you can!
LAIY coverboy Alexander Kroll’s CB1 show opens today.
Make clutches and bowties at The Art Grist this weekend.
You can party with SFV Acid and Secret Circuit.
Glenn Ligon will be speaking at MOCA.
Order Thanksgiving items from Market on Holly!
There’s a Hurricane Sandy benefit at Shore Bar.

Coming Up This Week
Monday, Coffee Bean is opening a new store that will help benefit an aquarium.
Tuesday, Rachel Yamagata is performing in LA.
Friday, eighties movies at Grauman’s!

Thanksgiving Stuff!
Hungry Cat is having a Thanksgiving feast!
Napa Valley Grille is having a feast, too.
You can Gobble Gobble Give Thanksgiving morning, too!
On Thanksgiving eve, you can party at Akbar.
Order Thanksgiving food from Cooks County!
Palihouse is offering Thanksgiving room deals.
You can get a cheese platter from Silver Lake Cheese Store for the occasion, too.
Get food from Market On Holly for your meal!
There is a Black Friday film screening by MIA on Friday.

Selected Ongoing Items
• Let’s make LA Game Space happen!!
See Tofer Chin at Standard Hollywood.
See how that Björk music video was made.
The Kubrick show is still open! Will be for a long time, too.
You can get breakfast at ROFL Cafe.
Guys in LA suck.
Donate to KPCC!
There are four new shows at PMCA.
A little boy tells us why museums suck.
Juice Maids are at Food+Lab now.
Catch Ben Jones at MOCA PDC! It’s great.
Licking Yellow Frog is open now.
Check out the shows at the Hammer!
Read this!
• Look at these!
• Read this, too!

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