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Programming Note: Thanksgiving Break!


Somehow, next week is Thanksgiving. How?! No idea. We have absolutely no clue but we are just as shocked as you. To celebrate the holiday, we’re actually heading out of town to visit family up in the Northwest. Thus, we’re going to be taking next week off from regular posting while we play around in Portland and Tacoma and more.

This all said, we’re going to try to maintain the Newsbites and will do a RECAP on Wednesday or Friday too (hopefully). Moreover, when we return on November 26 you can expect some posts comparing LA to Portland as we did when we visited New York. We also apologize in advance if we Tweet too much about being out of town while we are there. We’ll try to bring everyone back goodies, too. Everyone have a great holiday! (And, please, wish us luck dealing with the cold because I am scared I am going to turn into a popsicle: my body has forgotten how to cope with the cold.)

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