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Urban Air

Urban Air

I love what Angelenos do with billboards. Like traffic, these streetside attractions have become fodder for artists to play. This is the most exciting to me because, unlike the utilitarian vehicles that are cars, billboards are purely for advertising. When advertising is replaced with art, a thing that is purely visual and intended to be looked at, we all win: we are given visuals with no repurcussions outside of intellectual intrigue. There needs to be more of this than a once-a-year art happening like How Many Billboards? and Made In LA. Stephen Glassman’s Urban Air is going to help with this. We’re obsessed with it.

Glassman is a local visual artist who works with bamboo. As an Angeleno, he’s been very aware of travel and the culture that surrounds it. Billboards somehow became a point of intrigue because they are so public and are a constant in Los Angeles. What if these parts of our small-scale skyline grew and became something beyond paper and ink and movie advertising? Wouldn’t that be great? It really would be. Glassman intends to create living, wi-fi enabled “living cloud forests” in the place of billboards. They are ways to break the monotony of over-stimulation and give back clean air back to a city in need of it. Urban Air would be fabulous.

This project isn’t necessarily BREAKING!!!!! news but it is something we’ve been meaning to share and is currently fundraising on Kickstarter. They have thirteen days to go and sixty+ thousand dollars to raise in order to make this work. We would love to see this improve and beautify Los Angeles and become a permanent fixture. Can’t the LA government make this happen? We’re sure they don’t have the power to–but we do. Catch a video below for more information on the project. You can also hear more about them on Facebook.

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