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Haim’s Don’t Save Me EP

Haim's Don't Save Me EP

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with those super talented, totally in vogue LA sisters that are Haim. We’ve seen that they’ve been in NME a few times and they’ve even hit the UK charts a few times, too. They are quickly going to become a huge thing in the US. We’ve been saying this for over a year. If you need more proof, they recently released their latest EP Don’t Save Me and it is a synthier, logical follow up to their early Summer 2012 LA hit Forever. These are your Fall jams, Angelenos.

The EP is a two song jaunt with the upbeat, delightfully needy “Don’t Save Me” and similarly focused “Send Me Down.” The two are a splendid pair. “Don’t Save Me” (video below) is a fitting sequel to previous EP title holder “Forever.” It keeps in line with their girl power independence theme but adds in more handclaps on top of their always brilliant vocal layering, guitars, and heavy handed drums. “Send Me Down” (above) is a bit bigger with electronic horns and echoey vocals, all to the strict cadence of a pattering drum. Like “Don’t Save Me,” this song is carries a similar “I do what I want! Treat me nicely!” theme but with a bit more force. We’ve followed their musical lineage for a bit now and this feels to be their most drastic tonally as it gets to a nearly barebones level of vocals, horned cadence, and tambourine point that marches it along.

How have they not exploded all over the US music scene? I feel like this girl power alternarock is exactly what people like my angsty teenage sister and myself need: empowering lady rock that is both new, classic, and challenging–and perfect to sing in your bedroom after a fling falls through. It’s great. These ladies are talented and you need to listen to them if you haven’t already. Pick up their new EP on iTunes and check out more on them on Facebook.

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