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Coffee + Food


“But what do they serve?” my friend joked when I invited her to Larchmont’s newest cafe, Coffee + Food. Simplicity is so enticing when it’s well-executed like this. Open for breakfast and lunch only, Coffee + Food offers a straightforward menu of sandwiches, salads and sweets, all made in house, that can be packaged up instantly for those on the go. If you’re looking to sit and eat, then you can enjoy the streamlined space with it’s sleek concrete floors, classic brick walls and silvery wood panelling.

I asked for the most popular item on the menu and was given the Breakfast Sandwich- a delicious treat with arugula, egg, prosciutto and gruyere cheese. They also make a veggie version with tomato and egg. The sandwich was a perfect blend of crispy, creamy and savory goodness all at once. My friend swears by their signature kale salad which looked fantastic. I have heard great things about their chai tea but I wanted to try their coffee, the cafe’s own Australian blend. The coffee was light and smooth, just right for a late afternoon pick-me-up. You can order a darker roast if preferred but for the less caffeinated amongst us it’s nice to have the option.

From the attentive and friendly service to the quirky details like a basket of etch a sketches “for fun while sipping,” I really enjoyed everything about Coffee + Food. They have free WiFi so it’s conducive for work. Bring your headphones though, as the music is cranked up to a fun level for talking with your guest. I much prefer that to silent cafes where you feel guilty for carrying on a quiet conversation. Also, I really loved the music- a nice mix of The Mamas and the Papas, Band of Horses and Mumford & Sons. The last place I ate on Larchmont played an entire Dido album so I appreciated the attention to detail.

The only drawback to Coffee + Food is that the restaurant is small. You might have to wait a bit for a table but there are many bar seats available. The line stretched to the front door on several occasions during my visit but it moved quickly and many people were ordering to go. They are soon launching delivery service for those fortunate enough to live or work nearby. Check out their menu or just drop by soon.

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