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A New Identity For The University Of California

A New Identity For The University Of California

University of California schools are some of the best public universities in the nation. They’re all super challenging and do great things for their cities they are within. We’re super thankful to have UCLA as they bring so many great thinkers, performers, artists, athletes, and more to town. Aside from occasional directions and eyeing a campus map, most people aren’t in a position to see the UC brand identity. As you can imagine, such a big institution’s look can go stale fast and trying to organize a relaunch of how they present themselves has to be a colossal challenge. Somehow they did it, though: University of California has rebranded itself and they did a really good job.

This rethinking of UC’s representation is a complete head to toe sweep that covers everything from how photos are taken to colors and fonts. Even the UC seal got a bit of a facelift! The redesign injects a lot of West coast life into UC and comes out looking like a sunny, happy, beachy brand. The phrase “Let There Be Light” from the university seal was taken and ran with, transforming a very stiff and scholarly appearance to a more approachable one that represents West coast and Californian ideologies. This effort includes everything: only specific, sunny colors to be used, stripes are employed as a unifying tool, a cheerful monogram was made for all of the universities to have, a new concept for web and physical applications were made, and much, much more. There are even some new flip-flops, too.

According to Brand New, the effort took three and a half years and was completed by an in-house eleven person creative team. They did a fantastic job on everything and we’re glad to share that UCLA among all of the UC schools is getting a new look. We’re very proud to be in a state that cares about education and maintaining a contemporary image. See the branding in action in a video made by the creative team below.

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