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Philip Rodriguez’s Photographic Inspiration

Philip Rodriguez's Photographic Inspiration

Philip Rodriguez is a Los Angeles based artist whose work deals with the photographic image as a point of departure for art making. They are a bit complex and this relationship isn’t quite on the surface as you would think as many are about the process of photography used in different ways. He’s a fascinating, great artist.

Philip Rodriguez's Photographic Inspiration

From his image skewing fine art pieces to his glowing, candy colored Color-In-Color series, Rodriguez’s mysterious and captivating pieces attempt to digest how we use photography. In an interview he did earlier this year with Nope Fun, he takes you inside his practice and explains that the photographic process “encompasses everything used to create an image” and extends beyond work in a darkroom. A project like Color-In-Color is about dealing with problems (a common one, like oversaturation) in relationship to practice. Now And Forever uses color and direct photography to juxtapose visuals and emotion, separating out what he does in his fine art and in his color studies. The Action Of Light On Certain Substances takes a sciencey aesthetic and fucks with the photographic process. The result yields some pretty works.

Rodriguez is super talented and his work is so bright, complex, and investigating how photography works. This is particularly special given the accessibility of the medium now and the sacredness of a darkroom. Check out lots more of his work on his website and peruse his very well curated blog.

Philip Rodriguez's Photographic Influence

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