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Programming Note: The LA Holiday 25


It all officially starts tomorrow: it will be December 1 and people will officially be in crazy holiday mode. In order to help you figure out what some cool local things are to buy for specific people, we present you The LA Holiday 25, a holiday season countdown of goods, gifts, and things to give. The effort is to highlight local talents and to also target certain people who you know inside and outside of the city who sometimes can be a little tricky to shop for. We’re hoping we can help you out!

December 1 through 25 at noon, we’ll be sharing a local product that we think is totally great. They range from super cool food items to artsy home items to practical fashionable things: there is quite a variety! This is essentially a non-silly, localized version of Oprah’s Favorite Things but without all political baggage associated with product placing (nor the iPad troubles). This project is also so that we can shift a little focus to personal projects and things for the new year: we’re planning to only have three posts a day going up in December in order to do some work on a few other projects.

We hope you enjoy the list and be sure to share what you’re planning on gifting. We’re always looking for things to add to our list!

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