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Clare Crespo And Yummyfun Kooking

Yummy Fun Kooking

Clare Crespo is a Los Angeles writer, artist, and cooking phenomena that has some pretty cool things under her belt that you definitely need to hear about. In the past, she had been featured in T Magazine, where she shared her favorite Los Angeles places to eat and shop for things to make things you eat. Very recently, she was featured in Scion’s art magazine (starting on page 48!), where she explains her show: Yummyfun Kooking.

The show features Clare as her alter ego, Yummyclare, who lives in a wall inside of a house and makes extravagantly fun food for children and adults alike to get excited about. The author of The Secret Life Of Food and Hey There, Cupcake! and her husband have literally made the world that Yummyclare works and plays in, which is their garage, and have used it to make the Yummyfun video series. You can catch some of the videos of the show online (and below!), but–to see it–you have to purchase the DVD which sounds like oodles of fun for a family to watch (and create along with it!).

Clare also maintains her Yummyfun Blog, which has some pretty cool cooking ideas along with neat things she finds (she introduced us to the Band of Outsiders cookie blog!!!!!). Be sure to check out Clares often updated Yummyfun Facebook and Twitter…and be on the look out for new episodes!

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