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The Third Thursday

The Third Thursday

“Is it Friday yet?” we always ask ourselves at mid-week, particularly during the hyper busy holiday season. Well, we’ve found a reprieve from the usual cocktails served by way of a video from LetsMakeMedia, a Northwestern company that came down to LA to figure out the perfect way to make a variation on a Carpano Antica Formula based cocktail. What is this drink and how can you make it? You’ll want to find out after the jump as it is a great Winter drink.

The drinks is made by Alexander Liberman, a local mixologist who is absolutely talented. This drink cocktail is a very complex–yet accessible–reach into the past to tie aromatic spirits with classic nods to traditional sours. It also represents how difficult drink making is: as you watch Liberman create the drink, you see that it is more than dashing a of two or three liqeurs over each other but is instead a complex mashing of flavors. This process is all showcased in a fantastic video representation which takes care and attention to every detail. Although not made by an Angeleno (Somehow!), the video makes you mouthwater for this new-old drink classic.

For a seasonal libation, this is perfect for you. Want to take it a step further? Liberman apparently hosts cocktail classes for free in town. There is one tonight and you should RSVP for it ASAP because it is Wednesdays at 7PM–with RSVPs closing at 4PM. Catch his drink making below and be sure to learn from him soon. We’re excited to try this holiday cocktail and track where Liberman is heading.

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