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Have A Trippy Friday Afternoon With Jennifer Sindon!

Have A Trippy Friday Afternoon With Jennifer Sindon!

Do you guys remember the work of Jennifer Sindon? I hope you do. If you dont, let this be a refresher. Sindon is a multi-media artist and filmmaker who uses and distorts film through grotesque, bright, cousin-of-Seapunk ways. Her films give you the experience of being high in a satanic disco where no one wants to dance but everyone wants to shape shift. We love that and we wanted to share three new videos she made that she sent us.

Like any artist’s work, the three videos fit well into her canon but are completely independent of each other. Afore and Lost in Paradise are both visually similar meditations on mirroring. Afore uses this affect to see choreographed hands of different shapes that are articulated in wild ways coming out of a centerfold like an armless Shiva. They glide through the air and decay and eventually land you in a colorful seance. Lost in Paradise is a *hair* more linear as it does use one clear character to refract and follow. The visuals in this can only be described as “masquerave.” RED ELECTRIC SERPENT is twerked out, frantic, booty-popping insanity. Hot pants wearing brides of dracula gyrate and pop around fences as vocals sing-chant “SEX SEX” and “I MOTHER FUCKING LOVE YOU” over race car sounds. If you ever wanted to see what Paranormal Activity: The Rap Video would look like, RED ELECTRIC SERPENT (Is that a euphemism for the devil’s penis?) is your answer.

You can catch the three below and you should watch these videos with your afternoon shot so you can zone out for twenty minutes inside of them and then slide away from work and into your evening plans. You may be haunted by the final video RED ELECTRIC SERPENT once you see it. Well, actually, I hope you are because it’s so bizarro wonderful. Enjoy these, tripsters!

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