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YACHT Gets ADHD With “Second Summer”

YACHT Has ADHD With Second Summer

YACHT have a lot of rad shit going on. They just turned ten, they have a new television show coming up, and they’re making music, naturally. They recently released a super catchy song that speaks directly to us Angelenos as its titled “Second Summer” and–although it is about so much more than weather–it feels particularly special for locals. Their new video to support the song is quite a ball buster, too.

The title (and song) is described by them as a “state of mind,” about overcoming and being in total freedom. The song is an adult Casio psych house jam that revolves around Claire’s vocals, which alternate between steely fembot and disco diva. This is a role that is absolutely perfect for her considering Jona seemed to make it just for her. The song is a stellar production and a little more subdued than the Summer hit (in our heads) “Le Goudron.” It retains all YACHT’s tricks and magic and then some.

The video is basically like Ben Jones‘ but processed through individual color themes. It’s made by ADHD and is a cartoon triangle party that even features what appears to be a triangle-eat-triangle orgy of happiness. It’s an absolute pleasure and, as the song says, it really makes the shit hit the fan. Catch it below and you can download the song now from iTunes.

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