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Watching The Hollywood Sign Get A Facelift

Watching The Hollywood Sign Get A Face Lift

The Hollywood Sign has had its fair share of attention in recent years. In 2010, it was under threat of being pulled down but–thankfully–Hugh Hefner saved the day with a generous donation. The sign was a hot conversation piece around the same time after Bay Arch came up with a crazy idea to turn it into a hotel. The latest publicity surrounding the icon is a makeover: Sherwin-Williams recently gave the iconic sign a new coat of paint.

The project started in October and went through late November. The restoration was equal parts needed facelift as it was publicity for the historic paint brand, who helped to fund the new coat and painted it using their new fancy acrylic latex Emerald paint. This seems like a fairly easy project but the sign had to be stripped of its existing coats, primed, and then given a double coat of the Emerald paint. The labor of painting in addition to its size (which we forget because it looks so small up on the hill) made for a nine week refurbishing. This effort to make the sign look better is something the sign needed in general but it was also to help dress it up for its ninetieth (!!!) birthday in 2013. 255 gallons of paint and 110 gallons of primer later and we have ourselves a flossy, fancy new Hollywood sign!

Sherwin-Williams made a neat process video of the sign being repainted that you can catch below. It’s set to almost cringeworthy elevator piano music and has a few silly slow-motion edits–but seeing the sign get striped and painted by little cloud bursts of paint is pretty cool. Give it a watch below (and we recommend turning down the sound and replacing it with your own music). For more on the makeover, check out the Hollywood Sign website.

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