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Canvassing LA

Canvassing LA 1

Thank heavens it has become trendy to be proud of our city. I don’t know how you could live in a city and *not* be proud of it. LA has always had an identity issue of people loving it or hating it–and that’s just the locals! We feel like the barometer is in the love area now and projects like Canvassing LA speak to this.

Canvassing is a “revolving door of canvas bags and t-shirts the greatest city in the world–one neighborhood at a time.” The project was started by Brandon Roosa and his girlfriend and is something they’ve been pursuing on the side of their day jobs. Naturally, they are recent LA transplants and they have loved everything about living out West: Canvassing LA is an effort to praise the city and show it off in unique ways.

Canvassing LA

“As an unemployed graphic designer in a new town, I feverishly worked on personal projects to ease the pains of gainful employment hunting,” Brandon explains in a statement on his Kickstarter page. After recently finding work, Brandon is now trying to raise funds to expand his collection of self-made neighborhood designs from the ten creations he has to many more and a clothing line. The designs are very retro-modern but don’t err on the side of cheese. Some of the phrases tagged on to them are a little off and silly but the effort is well intentioned.

The effort only has $530 raised of their $7K goal–and they have seventeen days to go. Give the work on Kickstarter a look and also poke around Brandon’s site for more on his work. We’re intrigued to see what will come of this project and–if anything–it’s great to see someone giving neighborhood residents emblems of pride to wear around town.

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