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Our Favorite Featured Interviews Of 2012

Our Favorite Featured Interviews Of 2012

2012 has been the longest year in memory but also the quickest: twelve months that have slipped past us as fast as they were enjoyed. Our Featured Interviews have been similar: so many, so fast, and so great. While some have been absurdly popular and others have gotten lost in local news, there have been many that we have favored because we got to interview an idol or the finished product was so great or just because the photos with it are so wonderful. Of course this is like picking favorites among your children, but we wanted to share our favorite Featured Interviews of 2012. If you haven’t taken a look at these yet, now is the time. Enjoy!

The Myth Making City: An Interview With Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans Of YACHT
Jona and Claire are some of our favorite Angelenos. We met with these recent locals on a sunny Silver Lake morning and we got to see how totally enthusiastic and dedicated they are to the city, which is surprising since they are very on-the-go performers. They were (And still are!) some of our biggest inspirations as artists and we were honored to have met them. We can’t wait to see what they’re doing in 2013!

• An Interview With Gary Baseman, Part One Through Five
Gary Baseman is one of our favorite LA artists. He has an absolutely huge heart and–out of all the people we interviewed this year–he kept us for two (plus!) hours because he wanted to show us everything he has made and even tried to take us out to lunch. Gary is the nicest person in Los Angeles and it was so great to be able to share his story on more than one day: check out this five part extravaganza!

• Paper Metropolis: An Interview With Kiel Johnson
We tried to set a meeting with Kiel Johnson for months, since seeing his work at PULSE LA. When this happens with a subject (and it happens a lot), it’s easy to get disenchanted with what an artist does and assume the meeting is never going to happen. With Kiel? It was something that had to happen and it was all that we expected to be and more. He is super chill and his studio is so packed with years and years of making art. Kiel is a person who just wants to make and you can very obviously see this in his studio. If you have a chance to see and/or work with Kiel, do it: he is great.

• The Art Of Life: An Interview With Chris Johanson And Johanna Jackson
Our interview with Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson was very unexpected. Meeting them was to support a show they had out-of-town but it ended up being something so special and a peek inside of a super unique Silver Lake lifestyle that we were absolutely fascinated with. They are so kind and live the life we all want to lead. If you think you are a local lover and living off of what you can, you need to try harder: Chris and Johanna have you beat.

• An l.a. Visionary: An Interview With Gai Gherardi Of l.a.Eyeworks
Meeting Gai was like meeting an everlasting flame. She is the funniest, sweetest, coolest lady you will ever meet and was absolutely the most unassuming gal to chat with. Her story-like many–was very lengthy and so full of LA and personal history: we can only hope that we represented what she, Barbara McReynolds, and l.a.Eyeworks are all about. They are LA icons!

• Abstraction And Nature: An Interview With Alexander Kroll
Our interview with Alexander Kroll was by far the most surprising meeting of 2012. We caught up with him and wanted to do a simple studio visit but his work and his story was too rich to casually share as a non-Featured Interview. Alex’s work is some of our favorite being made in LA currently and–if you have not yet–see his show at CB1. It’s up through January 6, 2013.

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