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Our Favorite Art Of 2012

Our Favorite Art Of 2012

Any casual art person in LA with any smarts has noticed that the climate of the city’s creativity has gotten out of control. We started LAIY to celebrate this and we will continue to do so until LA breaks off of California and turns into some island wasteland. What was brilliant this year? A LOT. We wanted to share so, so many stories but we could only share the few that stood out most. Enjoy out favorite art stories and art moments of 2012!

• Pacific Standard Time
Pacific Standard Time was a landmark show and put Los Angeles on the map: PST showed the world that LA is a legitimate art center. It made us adult. We were so glad to have been a part of it and are so super fucking excited for Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture In LA. (Also: If you didn’t see this then, our experience with Lita Albuquerque’s Spine Of The Earth 2012 was brilliant .)

• Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia At CB1
CB1 has been absolutely on fire this year, a Downtown independent art center that has overshadowed many of the efforts by big name institutions and galleries creating in LA. Their show with Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia was a big introduction to the space and showcased an artist who is collecting so many influences and colliding them together in breathtaking ways. Lorenzo was also a joy to meet and he is certainly an LA artist “going places.” Keep your eyes on CB1 and Hurtado Segovia.

• Os Gemeos At Prism
This Os Gemeos show may have been LA’s show of the year. We knew people who came from several cities just to see Prism’s show. We hope you all saw it because it was out of control. We wish it was permanently installed in town!

• Production or Destruction by Ehren Tool
This was likely the most overlooked show of 2012. CAFAM on Wilshire did an absolutely excellent job of with the very homemade, crafty show that was a look at former armed-forces person Ehren Tool’s way of expressing himself. The show was moving and powerful and rich in the politics of the mid-2000s: it was a reminder of our history–all by way of cups.

• Mary Weatherford’s Bakersfield Paintings At LAXART
We (personally) didn’t see this show but writer Cliff Eberly got to visit LAXART’s Mary Weatherford presentation and we are so glad that we got share her ambient, overwhelming, abstract pieces. Mary is an artist that we absolutely love. What talent!

• The Hammer/s Fall 2012 Showings
Despite Made In LA being a bit of a dud, the Hammer bounced back with a selection of very fine Fall 2012 shows that put most of the other LA museums to shame. From graphic design to political play, the museum demanded your attention. Some of these shows that we wrote about are still on view: if you have not seen them, go see them. ASAP!

• Stanley Kubrick
Everyone will be talking about this show for years. It’s such a wonderful display and perhaps is the best installed show of 2012: it is a win for LACMA and for the film industry. It’s up through early Summer fo 2013: you have no excuse but to see this show. Do it sooner rather than later…so that you can see it again!

• MOCAtv
Art shows at the instituions are wonderful and splendid and great–but where are they going next? What is the future? The Internet is where its going–and MOCAtv has already taken it there! The Downtown institution’s move with Google to share art in motion online is an unprecedented attempt to make LA art–And more!–something so much more than local and available at all times. We cannot wait to see what comes of this concept in the new year.

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