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Our Favorite Events Of 2012

Our Favorite Events Of 2012

Boy, were there a ton of events and happenings to attend this year. So many! These ranged from super fun tiny performances to big brands doing their best to seem cool. We don’t always want to go to events (Read: We only go to events because it’s “for work” and most of the time they are just OK.) so it is always a huge relief when you have way too much fun than you expected and the people throwing the party go above and beyond an art opening or product release or this or that. Let’s see who did the raddest happenings in 2012!

• A Night Of Nike, Fuelbands, And Action
Nike is absolutely unrivaled in their programs. To help promote the new Fuelband and to show the New York wing of Nike who runs the world, the LA Nike office invited a small group of writers and the like to try out the Fuelband by literally running around a series of challenges based on film stunts, all of which took place on the Paramount Lot. It was a terrifically rare opportunity and–boy–was it fun. We sure did earn a lot of Fuel Points that night!

• Outfest 2012
Outfest was the first film festival we have attended and their opening gala was such a warm event that celebrated LGBT history, creativity, and the future of the community. It was particularly special to get to see John Waters in person and opening night film Vito. Moreover, we were so super fortunate to have held little interviews with many of the best filmmakers at the festival in conjunction with the festival’s thirtieth anniversary. Take a moment and read those interviews here.

• UCLA’s Spring 2012 Graduate Open Studios
Anyone with an appreciation for art in LA needs to attend an open studio for a local graduate program. Thanks to artist Janna Ireland, we had the tip to check out the UCLA Spring 2012 Graduate Open Studios in late Spring. After a full day of Made In L.A., the open studios were a gust of fresh air and a reminder of the great creatives we are brewing in the city. Open studios are an absolute must!

• MOCA’s Transmission LA Opening, Touring The Painting Factory With Jeffrey Deitch, and As It LAys Live
This year has been the year of MOCA for us. They are undoubtedly the coolest and obviously the most controversial art institution in the city and we love them for that. They also know how to engage likeminded people and throw a party. There were many super stellar happenings but Transmission LA and all the programming surrounding it, taking a tour of The Painting Factory with Mr. Deitch, and getting to see Alex Israel’s As It LAys live was a dream come true. Only at MOCA!

• KCRW’s 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest
Attending KCRW and LACMA’s Good Food Pie Contest was a feast for the eyes and for the tastebuds. From classic pies to Metropolis II inspired dishes, LA casual bakers and professional bakers were able to share their talent in this little competition. It was a hot day but, like all good days, pie makes it all better.

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