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Biggest Trends Of 2012

Biggest Trends Of 2012

The trends of 2012 (and any modern city) are moving far too fast that we cannot keep up with. There have been a few in Los Angeles that have popped up and nearly slapped us in the face before we could recoil with a celever analysis of it. Some trends have been more overt than others (and we have shared them as best we could) while others were happening around us all and became so common that “its being a thing” became normal.

• Biergartens
Many moons ago, we were whining our heads off about the lack of outdoor drinking and the lack of biergartens. Today? The latter is everywhere! Outdoor drinking still needs to be mandatory for any bar but the trends are changing and biergartens are thriving in Southern California. About damned time!

• Fried Chicken
This is the best trend of 2012. Thank heavens we decided to indulge in fried chicken. We cannot wait to see where this trend heads. Chicken tender restaurants? Chicken nugget houses? Fried chicken sandwich diners? Yes. Yes, to all of those.

• Seafood
This was a very obvious happening that we had to simply jot down so that we knew where to go when we wanted seafood. This started (officially) in mid-2011 but came into its own this year. Seafood and oysters are still growing in LA and we cannot wait to indulge in this more.

• Indigo
Not only in LA, indigo is “the new cool thing.” It’s a dye, it’s a color, it’s a technique: indigo is a way of life. We still cannot tell exactly what we think of this but this idea of home, natural dying is certainly trendy. Enjoy it!

• Men’s Fashion
This trend is on the rise and only realized when thinking about all the men’s fashion that have risen up this year. From Abbot Kinney’s new Gant to Silver Lake’s Mohawk Bend, men’s fashion is finally maturing and becoming something males in LA can enjoy. Men and fashion are finally reaching a healthy conclusion in LA!

• Juice
From Pressed to Juice Maids and everything in between the two, juice is “such a thing.” There is no complaint about this trend because we love juice and certainly support both brands. This said, boy, is this an expensive trend based around drinks.

A Food Scene Worth A Damn
As you can tell by three of these trends being food related, the LA food world is beyond arrived: we are on the world’s map as a food capitol. Just a few years ago the city was considered a culinary wasteland. Now? If you say “There are no good places to eat,” you are considered as food savvy as a door stop. We are in the thick of a food trend embedded in freshness and locality that we know won’t end. Good job, Los Angeles!

Did you see any other trends? Notice something we didn’t? Share them in the comments and online!

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