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Our Most Disappointing Moments Of 2012

Our Most Disappointing Moments Of 2012

Los Angeles isn’t perfect. We are not perfect. Nothing is perfect! We rarely want to point out things that went awry in LA–but we have to in order to make them better. Here are the things that disappointed us most in Los Angeles this year.

• Terrywood
Terry Richardson. Part man, part cultural phenomenon, part pervert, part art icon. What was his LA resounding Terrywood? A big piece of borrrrrriiiinnnng. What a let down! OH WOW is a great gallery but Terrywood was an incredible dud. Please step it up next time, Uncle Terry: New York has dragged you down.

• Black Box
Pacific Standard Time‘s Performance And Public Art Festival was a landmark achievement. One of the biggest things they pushed (and one of the things we were most excited about) was the mysterious Black Box by Liz Glynn. It appeared to be booze and art and performance and community. We went the first night. What was it? A bunch of people standing around with little art and really pretentious rare happenings going on. The only thing taken away from this show was a bro wearing a shirt inside out which inspired us to wear inside out shirts on occasion. The art? Too few and far between and way too obnoxious and too-late-at-night-for-a-weekday when it did happen. More drinks? Please.

The Affordable Art Fair
This was such a let down. There is nothing else to say but it was a snooze, we tried to make the best of it, but it was just so not-great. Next time!

The Grilled Cheese Invitational
Like the last mark, we were so super pumped to attend this event and it ended up being hot, over crowded, confusing, and full of not-that-great food stuffs. We paid to be “judges” but that just meant staring at a bunch of cooks and then trying to call at them for food. It was so uncomfortable and not fun. Lame!

• Made In LA
Considering how hard we worked to get people excited about this, considering how much the Hammer didn’t care about what we did, and considering the underwhelming show, culture, and “legacy” it has left, this was the biggest disappointment of 2012. It was unnecessarily pretentious, had greatly amateur qualities, and included so many misfired opportunities that it was like watching an old person dressed in cool clothes fall in slow motion–but no one could help this person. We hope the next biennial effort is better.

• Checking Out Aphrodite And The Gods Of Love At The Getty Villa
This is more of a personal gripe because we drove all the way out to the Getty Villa, were so super pumped about the show, and then couldn’t even take photos save for a few objects strict docents pointed at. This event was a classic example of the old art world not understanding how sharing online works. Unfortunately, this is a sad LA art trend…

• The Silver Lake Circuit City
Ugh. Just ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. It gets better? Let’s hope so.

In all areas of culture, did anything else disappoint you? Anything you want to (politely and intelligently) refute? Share them in the comments and online!

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