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What You’re Looking Forward To Most In 2013 (And Our Iron Curtain Winner!!)

What You're Looking Forward To Most In 2013 (And Our Iron Curtain Winner!!)

We were so happy to have been able to share Rosanna and Joel Kvernmo of Iron Curtain Press’ story. Their new-to-LA tale and entrepreneurial spirit were super inspiring and a rich note to end the year with. Rosanna and Joel also wanted to give away one of their beautiful 2013 calendars that they made with artist Jedidiah Voltz. To look forward to the new year, we asked readers what they were most looking forward to in 2013 as entries to win the calendar. Check out some of our favorites…and see who our winner is!

There were a lot of entries from new Angelenos hoping to digest LA in 2013. Reader–and new LA person–Heather Brough has a very optimistic look into her relationship with LA next year. Good luck and have fun, Heather!!

After moving here earlier this year I am looking forward to becoming better acquainted with LA. The local restaurants, the back streets, the people, the heart of the town. As a newcomer I am continuously fascinated and proud to be here, as I have quickly fallen in love. I believe in 2013 we should all enjoy life and be thankful for the amazing area we live in. We are all so fortunate.

Related to Heather’s entry, reader Samantha Hauser has a very magical LA first that she wants to ring in the new year doing: hiking!

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost two years and I still haven’t been hiking. It’s really embarrassing! During the first week of 2013, I’m going to go hiking with my dog Rat and I will finally feel like a full Angeleno. That will be a great way to start my 2013!

Reader Nerissa Reddick sees her business taking a step up next year–and really found Rosanna and Joel’s story to be quite inspiring. Best of luck, Nerissa!

I’m looking forward to building my business up in 2013. I’ve had my own family childcare for 3 years now, and am just expanding my knowledge. I am also changing the design in the rooms, and the calendar would be gorgeous at my desk area.

Here is one that will always tug at our heart: mentioning warmer weathered days! Reader Andrew Peterson hit the nail on the head for us.

What else is there to ever look forward to in Los Angeles besides warm weather? I’m looking forward to the warmth of 2013 because this recent cold weather sucks.

Finally, reader and college student Sara Clayton took the cake for us with a very hopeful, newcomer/local take on Los Angeles in 2013. Her spirit is certainly something we can relate to and we need to accept her challenge ourselves. Every Angeleno ought to do the same!

As a car-less college student, I was stranded on campus most of the time. But now that I’m more well-versed in terms of LA public transportation, I’m ready to explore every single neighborhood of the ever-eclectic and always-changing city of Angels next year! Adventure awaits!

Congratulations Sara, our Iron Curtain Press calendar winner!! Thank you to everyone who entered and have a very special 2013. We’ll see you then! (Also, you can still snatch up an Iron Curtain Press calendar here. It’s a great gift!)

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