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Our Favorite Editorials Of 2012

Our Favorite Editorials Of 2012

We like to write a lot. We do! We like to share opinions. We do! Sure, sometimes these are embedded in personal opinions and/or gripes we have–but they are all based in a want and need to make our city better. Here are our favorite editorials of the year and the ones we thought got that point across most.

• New York Publications: Stop Being Dicks To Los Angeles.
New Yorkers love to hate us. We Angelenos don’t really care to hate them because, come on, we have such happy lives. We noticed at the start of the year that New York publications love to bully us. Is that fair? No. Stop being dicks to us. We’re just as great as you are: grow up and lose that shitty entitled grin you have, NYC. You are cold, wet, and sour.

• Coachella Tales
Ahhh: Coachelly. What a silly/fun/great/happy/sad something! We were so fortunate to share so many diverse voices on LAIY surrounding this year’s two weekend event. We hope to do the same next year…

• Save Our Dispensaries!!!!!!!!!!
Whether you hate drugs or love drugs, weed is such a safe item at this point that it needed to be spoken for. Thanks to this anonymous contributor, we were able to share a voice for the (smart and high) people. Do what you want, everyone!

• The Los Angeles Anniversary
We wrote this piece with such heart and such pride to be newfound Angelenos. Thank you for reading and for celebrating our (personal) four year Los Angeles Anniversary.

• Five Theories On Why Roy Choi Stopped Being Roy Choi
This was the most fun food editorial to write. Other fun ones? Well…

• Levitated ____________
This was a gem to create and share. Probably our favorite of the year! Also…

• American Apparel’s Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas
Am Appy’s Halloween costumes are never not a rife source of comedic material. Thank you, Dov!

• My Lemon Tree
What a great personal, foodie editorial this was. Everyone in Los Angeles knows fruit trees–this editorial about a common lemon tree speaks to the usefulness and wastefulness that we all see and know in this city.

• Car Consciousness
We hate our car. This editorial was a funny way to share our hate for it…especially having come out of so many Oscar Week shindigs.

What were your favorite editorials for 2012? Any ones outside of LAIY that you found particularly striking? Share them in the comments and online!

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