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The Best Drinks Of 2012

The Best Drinks Of 2012

Like food, drinking in Los Angeles has really come into its own. Drinks in LA are more than cocktails but worlds of beverages and ways to consume: Los Angeles has a lush landscape of liquids. Here are our favorite drinks and drink related items for 2012!

• SoLA’s Los Angeles Glasses
Discovering the artsy and designy work of SoLA was great. Finding out they make super sweet LA glasses? One of the greatest finds of the year! If you are in the need of some good gifts, give these: they are beyond wonderful.

• Juice Maids
Juice Maids are the juice people in LA. We are totally obsessed with them and likely have three to five of their concoctions a week. Yes, the $10 price tag is quite high but their creativity and high caliber of taste set them far ahead of other local juicers. They need to open a storefront ASAP.

• Margo’s Bark Root Beer
Finding Margo’s Bark was incredibly random. This home grown, dog loving root beer is not a new thing but we stumbled onto it early in 2012 and have been brand supporters since. Of course, the whole dog connection has nothing to do with our love for it…

• Bar Covell’s Private Room
Hidden behind a wall of books and a discrete hallway to entertain, Bar Covell’s new addition doubled their space and makes for great private events. We went here a few times for happenings and it was an even more personalized, careful drinking experience. This is the new place to have your wine and beer events…

• Drew Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio
Simply put: Drew Barrymore’s wine should not be as good as it is. It’s a celebrity wine!! (And a child star, at that!!) For not white wine drinkers, we were shocked by how crisp and clean it was. We’ll be sipping this all through Summer of next year. You can bet on that.

• Rivera’s Hallucination Menu
Chef John Sedlar killed us again this year with his food and drink mashing Hallucination menu. This was a drunk meal soaked in tequila and mezcal that you stumble through happily thanks to Sedlar’s wonderful experiments. Technically this is a food item but it should be celebrated with the drinks because it is the only offering of its kind.

This should have gone in yesterday’s trend mapping for the year but coffee–like juice–is totally a thing now. Let us all rejoice! It’s only going to head up from here, too.

• The Blue Collar Cocktail At Short Order
Julian Cox is Los Angeles’ bartender. What is our favorite drink from him? The Blue Collar Cocktail at Short Order. It’s a classic whiskey drink that is so well made and chilled to glide down your throat. We cannot get enough of this drink. We love it so much that we tried to recreate it and share the recipe, too.

What were your favorite drinks this year? Is there anything we need to check out in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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